Pictures of Morocco

I’ve uploaded some pictures of my first few weeks in Morocco.  None of them depict my everyday life, which involves me sitting around practicing vocab and doing grammar drills.  The pictures here are almost entirely from my recent weekend trip to Chefchouan.

Those seeking further details will have to wait until I get home to discuss things over a beer, as I’m supposed to be avoiding English.  However I will note that today was the first time our teacher decided to use the class air-conditioner, of which I sit in front.  It kicked on whenever the temperature went above whatever.  Something must have died inside of it since the last time it was used, resulting in a fart-like gust of conditioned air squirting onto the back of my neck every so often.

In other news, I taught my language partner the word for prostitute today.


Oh yeah, here’s the link to the photos:


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